Friday, January 18, 2013

Frames for jewelry & magnets

Frame for jewelry:

I was visiting my daughter recently and she bought these two empty frames that had been painted and distressed.  I was a little upset because I could have taught her how to do this.  However, I was glad I didn't have to do that part. :)

I bought some wiring, not the chicken wire but the thicker tighter wiring.  I am not sure what it is called.  
You can buy it at any hardware store.  
I got mine from Ace Hardware.
Using wire-cutters (outdoor kind), I cut the wire to close fit.  
She helped me and we stapled in the wire.  
We used a bottle opener to fold back the pokey wire so no one would get hurt, and so it would not scratch the walls if she decided to hang it.

The picture of it is where she put it in bathroom.  I took photos on my phone so not a picture to brag about.
The knobs came off a dresser I switched out for crystal knobs.  We bought some S hooks that she has put frame since.

Frame with wiring and fabric backing:

This frame we put same wiring in, then we brainstormed and got the idea that it might hold magnets.

 I tried one and sure enough it did.  :)
Sooooo,  I decided to use some deco fabric I had and it took a while to figure out how I was going to back it.  
I tried putting batting behind, not good.  Then I decided I would stitch it on.
 I did not want to put anymore staples in wood.
 This wood was really soft and wanted to split. 
I sewed groups of stitches around frame on the white sections (because I was using white thread)  This worked out nicely and you can barely see them because they are so close to edges.
I did put a few across the middle to secure.  This was to make sure fabric would not sag over time.
(note - magnets need to be bigger than quarter to hang anything, because of the spacing of wire.  I am going to use magnet paper and print some wallet size pictures for her to use - just an idea)

I hope you got inspiration from this little project!