Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Boys Embroidered T-Shirt

Our grandson who is 5 ½ has recently has gotten into BMX biking.
The family pooled together and gave his parents money to by him an "official" BMX bike.

I bought this shirt at Walmart boys department.  It is safety yellow.  
It is even brighter than the picture shows.
His helmet is black and gray with red. 
I found this appliqué/embroidery by chance on EmbroideryOcean.com
It is listed under "racer helmet" .

They had it as a freebie one day and I grabbed it.  I made the 5x7.
 I believe you can purchase it now for $1.00.
That to me, is great price if you happen to have a BMXer in you family.
It stitched out beautifully.  I changed up the colors to match his helmet. 
I hope this help's you if you have that child in your life that loves a bicycle!


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