Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Embroidery Summer

I am getting ready for summer!  A word of caution, you must protect your skin, not just wear a hat.  
I had a melanoma inSitu 4 years ago and I now do not go out with out wearing sunscreen, even in the winter!

I picked up this hat at Tuesday Morning.  I liked it because of the opening in the top would keep you from getting so hot.  It's an air pocket, laugh!

I used craft foam for the first time, with the embroidery and it worked out great!  I wasn't sure, because I have had it in my craft stash for years.  You know how those stashes can be. :) 
It tore perfectly when the stitching was done.

I used a fast frame with sticky back to hoop the hat. 
I highly recommend this if you are an embroiderer and want some substance to your embroidery.

Have a nice sunny day!