Friday, March 18, 2011

Knit Scarves, Bows

I watch the DIY Dish network through my iTunes and they 
showed these easy to make scarves out of T-Shirts. 

I went ahead and just bought jersey knit and made these up.
 I made the blue bow out wired ribbon and backed on felt with pin to attach on and off.

This T-Shirt, per their direction, was cut with two inch strips and stretched
which makes the knit curl.  It was very simple.  Because I chose to buy 
the jersey by the yard, they turned out rather long.  This picture is 5 strips
looped around the neck twice. 
I sewed up the selvage like it was already the bottom of a t-shirt.

Here I am showing how long it actually turned out with out looping.
So, be aware just how long 60" is, if you use knit from the bolt like I did.

I apologize for the size of the second picture.  It will not let me shrink it.
I need lot more training.  The black satin bow pin I made by using gathering
stitched down one side and gathering before sewing on felt.

I also went ahead and made the ruffle scarf shown here on a razorback red shirt.  
By the way, it also looks good with one of the pins on it.  I cut my circles out at 10 inches instead of the 9 suggested.

Searching around the blog world.  There are so many creative people.
Thank you all for sharing your creations with me.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Henrietta the Turtle rename "Turtette" for Daughter

"Turtette" is the name I gave this pincushion I made for my daughter.

She loved it!  I used fabric in my leftover stash to make her.  
On her front shell I machine embroidered my daughters name
and on the back side I embroidered MOM. 

I had a little problem with the hump from seam, but I learned with all my years sewing that I have to start getting over perfection! 
It will drive a crafter and seamstress CRAZY!

I surprised her with the bottom panel.  I thought it was appropriate.

Preschool Fundraising Rag Quilt

This is one of the sharpest ideas I have seen for a parent to come up with
or grand parent if she sews. I love, love, love this! Julie did a great job.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to Restyle a T-Shirt into a Gathered-Yoke Top - CraftStylish

How to Restyle a T-Shirt into a Gathered-Yoke Top - CraftStylish

I want to share to this link and they have a great way to restyle and dressup a T-Shirt.

Way too long since last posting

I am way behind in posting any of my progress.  I have been redoing my sewing room again and making a few small things.  

My daughter is a freshman in college and is studying Fashion Analysis.
Originally she went to school as Pre Pharmacy.  The first semester blew her away.

It is so exciting for her to want to learn to sew now.  She is doing well if I might say so myself.  This first picture is a tote bag she is making for her first project.  She did all the work herself and has never sewed before this semester, because Mom did it. (me)

It is not quite finished.  She still had banding to do around the top.  The inside is lined and has pockets on both sides.  One flat pocket and another pleated. 

 I made her a zipper bag to go inside so she could keep her sewing tools.  She had left over fabric so why not.  This next picture is the zipper pouch I made her.  
These are so easy.
When she is home this summer I am going to show her LOTS of things she can make.

She did not have enough yellow fabric left so I chose some out of my stash for her lining which matched well.