Thursday, June 27, 2013

Repurposed Frame

Another jewelry frame it is!  This time it is oval.

I have two daughters, so making for one and then making for the other is a given.  
It maybe different things, but always going back and forth.

There is a great story behind this frame!
Do you recognize this from the 70's decor?

My daughter's boyfriend was selling his house and throwing these frames with mirrors away.

He had redone the bathrooms in the house and there were two of these in the hall bath.

When I saw them, I had to have them.  "I too was thinking, these mirrors (are just like the beveled I had once given to Goodwill myself), back in the 80's refinishing a bathroom.
(As I have gotten older I have come to appreciate the old much more.)These mirrors were heavy.  I had them stored in my attic thinking I would repurpose them someway.

I was in my attic a couple of weeks ago and accidentally broke one - well naturally I knew what to do.

      jewelry frame

I primed and sprayed this frame knowing her new bedroom and bathroom were turquoise.  The color is a little off with the towels, but right on with her bedroom and other belongings.
We picked this color by iPhone images.  She lives 6 hours from me.

This time I put felt all around the back with glue.  It was difficult getting the wiring staple gunned in a clean oval shape.  I had to wear heavy gloves and do some light hammering.
I felt like the felt would protect the walls from any scratches.

She has filled it up quite nicely don't you think?


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tote Bag

Saturday I spent the afternoon at our lake place sewing because it was raining and that is what I like to do.  I love it at the lake when it rains.

I have been thinking about this tote bag for over two months for an exchange and I had to delve into
it, to get my creativity going.  Sometimes I am just blank.

I looked at a grocery sack and just drew on newspaper and added a few inches in length and in handles.

As I was cutting it out I thought, "I ought to put an umbrella pocket on it". 
I don't recall ever seeing one, but wouldn't it be nice to have a tote with a spot for your umbrella.

It was raining, remember, so I was kinda thinking in that direction.
Here's a close up with lining in pocket.

The way the sun is shining Sunday afternoon it gave off a more turquoise tint, but it really matches.

I boxed off the bottom with the bottom of pocket in seam for a little more stability.
I pre-washed this fabric, because I wanted it to be something easy to grab 
for shopping, picnic, grocery, baby....

Here is a view from the side.  I was shocked I got the pattern matched up as good as I did.

I felt like the inside needed pockets as well.  I already had planned to make those.
I have so many bought bags with no pockets inside and I gripe every time I use one of them.

This is three pockets made with one long piece double sided.
I sewed it on before assembling lining together and put on opposite side
of umbrella pocket for balance. :)

The middle pocket has a pleat so it can hold more with smaller width pocket on each side.

The bag turned out reversible, which was not my original intention.  
The leaf print is decor weight fabric and the bandana type fabric is quilting weight fabric.

These next three pictures are my fake lake ducks and my new friend, that must be someone's pet.
This goose came up to me a couple of weekends ago and let me pet it and it got in my lap!
I was shocked and happy the dogs were inside!

Here he decided he needed a nap.  You can see my rock duck in background.