Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New generation of T-shirt quilts

New generation of T-shirt quilts

Don't you think this quilt is awesome. I have a lot of T-shirts I am planning to make a T-shirt quilt for my daughter and do not want to do it in blocks.
This is the way I am going to do her T-shirt. I think this one is gorgeous the way the prints and colors all go together.

My daughters is going to be her competitive and school cheer from third through twelfth grade. She is in a sorority in college now, and she has way too many new T-shirts.
That quilt will be coming after college.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Craft Channel: Our 9th Hosts Revealed: House of Smiths (bonus vid...

My Craft Channel: Our 9th Hosts Revealed: House of Smiths (bonus vid...: "'s day nine of our 20 Cricuts in 20 Days and our new Hosts reveal, isn't it exciting. We're having so much fun giving away these..."

Friends this is going to be a great show. I can't wait, you have to check it out and have fun on the way....

My First Quilt sorta

Yea! I have finished my first quilted (sorta) project.
It is a Amy Butler (free pattern) and of course I used the same fabric.
I have two more of these to make with different fabric.
I am giving them away a wedding presents.

 I am showing my binded edges and mitered corners because they have been intimidating me the most!

I was so excited when I finished last night.  I didn't even roll the fabric with my sticky tape to clean
from being in sewing room.  The cotton/poly thread made so much fuzz.
I suppose this is normal.  Would love to know if it is not.

I've made napkins and making holder which I will photo for next post.

Thanks for looking and have a great day!

{my grandmother name}

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A little before and soon after

I am beginning to work on some before and after projects.  
Obsessing over different things does keep me busy!
I have chosen to sand and paint my "Honey's" luggage stand.
My grandmother (I'm 50) that might give you an idea how old she would be now.
She had my mother is her early 30's.  Mom was her only child.  
So the stand has been around awhile.

I have sanded and begun to prime.  I haven't decided yet what color I will paint.

I have bought two ribbons which I will post as soon as I get pictures.  
I have to decide which to use.  I would love for you all to help me.

This next picture is an old wooden table in my daughters back yard.
 I am sanding and filling in cracks with wood filler.  I will be lucky if this one turns out good.
I want her to be able to use it on her front porch.

The house is white with black shutters and a red door.  I recently bought her a chair
that is yellow for her front porch and a yellow pot.  I am not sure what color of this table will be.
You could help me there too.