Thursday, February 27, 2014


I have a friend that's daughter is getting married on the beach.
She asked me if I had any idea what to give a grandmother as a gift.

That really caught me of guard,  because my Mother is the hardest to buy for and come up with a gift idea.
If she doesn't have it already she will get it or doesn't want it.  She is into decluttering her life and I do not blame her.  I need to do more of it myself!

Then that night I remembered a sample pack of blank handkerchiefs that I had and suggested we embroider something on it for her.

This is what we came up with.  She is in her 80's and Caroline, my friends daughter, is going to give it to her as she walks down isle on the BEACH,  March 1, 2014.

I just love this idea!  I bet she starts crying, I know I would.  I cry at all weddings!

I wish I were going to the beach!  The weather down in the South has been pretty horrid this winter.  We are expecting more winter weather this weekend.  I am so ready for warm weather.


Thursday, February 13, 2014


I am so excited about this latest embroidery I have done.  
I am always looking for ideas for adult shirts.  I came across this one at

I have made this for my Step Son that is 34 for his birthday.  He loves going to concerts and listening to music.  I thought this was perfect.

Isn't this a perfect idea.  Go to Urban Threads if you do embroidery and you will find a lot of idea like this one.  I am in no way affiliated with them.  I just want to share what I find.

Happy Valentines Day!


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Boy's T-Shirt

My grandson was at a BMX track just riding around on his little bicycle.  He was offered an entrance in a race.  His bicycle was way smaller than the other boys, but he entered anyway.  He just turned 5 years old.  

I found this embroidery from
I made him this t-shirt for celebratory fun.

He loved it.  I hope to get a picture of him in it soon!

Go Henry!