Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sewing Studio

Today I thought I would share a work in progress.  I don't know about you all, but I am constantly rearranging and messing with the creative space.
At the start of Its Sew Jodie I shared with you all a picture of the outside of my new studio.

Here is the area in the front room where I embroidery and sew.  I also have picture of area where I cut out.  I often do that on the floor as well!  It all depends on the size of the piece I am working on.

The blue cover is over my 10 needle embroidery machine.  The black cover is over my BabyLock Ellisimo.  The two covers along the side are my serger and addition sewing machine Pfaff 2170.

Here you will see my cutting table which always has something on it.  I have to clean it off every time I start something new.
The robes are some embroidery projects I am currently working on for a bride and her maid of honor.

You will notice I collect a lot of sewing books.  They are stacked up on the right and in the cubbies.

I hope you all are having a great week sewing and creating!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tote Bags

I have a sewing student that comes to me on Thursday's. We have become such good friends, even with age gap of  23 years.  I love working with her because she is not afraid to try anything I propose to her and many are her own ideas!

I am bragging on her today because she just finished two tote bags. She did a wonderful job picking out fabric herself.  I think she has great taste.  Tell me what you think!

The pattern is from V & Co. And is called Abbey Bag.
I posted earlier my version done in Moda Potluck measuring tapes and Riley Blake black and white mustaches.

I would love to know if you all like this pattern as much as I do.  It is large enough to use as a great stylish market tote.


Thursday, January 2, 2014


I embroidered NEW YEAR pj's for my grand children this Christmas.
We spent New Years Eve with them and had a Bon Fire!
It was lots of fun.  : )
They have recently moved to a new house out in the country.

I live in the city and it was so much fun getting up in the morning and seeing cows out in the fields.
It can't get much more relaxing than that!

I made a big BOO BOO on my grandson's pj's and didn't realize until my daughter pointed it out.  I used a file a just bought that said Happy New Year 2013.
Not thinking old files would still be up i bought it and was in middle of embroidery before realizing date.  I added "EVE" to bottom so it wouldn't look like a mistake. Lol

Bazze of course, didn't even notice.  He is 6.
I got a picture with the three in their pajamas.

I am a grandmother and have forgotten how hard it is to get good picture of two children, much less three!!!

Did you do anything special with your children or grandchildren for New Years.  I would love for you to share.

Happy New Year!