Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Embroider It

I bought a file from Embroidery Library that I couldn't resist.  
If you embroider you will feel the same way.  I have been told that all beginners feel this way,
"If It Stand Still Embroider It."

I still have this sitting in its hoop.  The embroidery was close to 40,000 stitches!  I am going to put it in a frame and hang in my studio.  The stitch out took over an hour.  There were 16 color changes.  I think I am beginning to like appliqué embroidery more. Laugh out loud!!!

If any are interested my Facebook page is
Its SEW Jodie

I used colors that I had rather than follow the chart.  I highly recommend this, because the stitch out is fabulous.


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