Friday, March 18, 2011

Knit Scarves, Bows

I watch the DIY Dish network through my iTunes and they 
showed these easy to make scarves out of T-Shirts. 

I went ahead and just bought jersey knit and made these up.
 I made the blue bow out wired ribbon and backed on felt with pin to attach on and off.

This T-Shirt, per their direction, was cut with two inch strips and stretched
which makes the knit curl.  It was very simple.  Because I chose to buy 
the jersey by the yard, they turned out rather long.  This picture is 5 strips
looped around the neck twice. 
I sewed up the selvage like it was already the bottom of a t-shirt.

Here I am showing how long it actually turned out with out looping.
So, be aware just how long 60" is, if you use knit from the bolt like I did.

I apologize for the size of the second picture.  It will not let me shrink it.
I need lot more training.  The black satin bow pin I made by using gathering
stitched down one side and gathering before sewing on felt.

I also went ahead and made the ruffle scarf shown here on a razorback red shirt.  
By the way, it also looks good with one of the pins on it.  I cut my circles out at 10 inches instead of the 9 suggested.

Searching around the blog world.  There are so many creative people.
Thank you all for sharing your creations with me.


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