Saturday, October 15, 2011

Razorback Pumpkin

I got to thinking with these craft pumpkins, I could turn one on its side and make a Razorback pumpkin by adding the hog nose. I purchased a hog nose $3.00 (a little expensive) and pumpkins were half price at Michael's and spray painted the pumpkin red. I hot glue gunned the nose on and painted some black on it to give it some character. I then took a pipe cleaner I use on my sewing machine for lint. I bent it in half and twisted around a pencil. I then cut a small hole in the back side and stuck it in and hot glued it to stay. The rest of the pumpkin I painted horns and teeth, front legs and hooves, then black shadow stripes kinda like hog hair. The pumpkin is now in my daughters apartment at the University of Arkansas. Lookin' Good! They can display it all year round. Thanks for looking! Woooo Pig Sooie :o) JodieT

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