Friday, August 2, 2013

Inspiration Board

I consider one of the most important things in a sewing room to be an inspiration board.  I use mine for sayings, project ideas, reminders, receipts until filed, pictures of family, etc...

36" x 46" with frame

So, I require a LARGE Inspiration Board
I knew I wanted a large one so I went to my attic.
I found a large frame that had been up there for over eleven years.
Yes, it was covered in dust and required some major scrubbing to be acceptable.  I love the frame though and had been saving for either of my girls when they get their own place.  It was just one of those things I just couldn't let go of!  Way too many possibilities of which I didn't know until now.   :)

I had Home Depot cut me a piece of plywood to fit 1 inch larger than frame.  I stuck 12 X 12 cork board bought from Office Depot to the board minus 5/8 inch all the way around.  My reasoning there is one inch board came out to be 1/2 inch all around larger than frame. On top of that I put thin batting I already had.

Sorry I didn't take pictures.  I was doing this at 10:30 at night and had not had dinner yet.  I was on a roll.

The purple linen I already had in my stash and had 3 1/2 yards of it.  It is a heavier weight like for bags.  I figured minus 40 inches wouldn't risk not having enough for another project someday.  
Plus, it was in stash, meaning it might be a long time before being used!  :)

On this project, I can say everything went BRAVO!
I stapled gunned the fabric on.  The board and cork fit perfectly into the lot.  By allowing 5/8" around board for the thin cork, it made it fit perfectly in frame.  
Using small nails I nailed to back of frame.  
I am now ready to Inspire myself!

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