Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Curtains for dorm

My niece needed curtains for her two dorm windows.
I ordered shower curtains for one window that was huge.
Lowes cut me a PVC pipe to length and we used command hooks and gross grain ribbon to hang the rod.  I used 1" rod over the smaller rods, because it seemed more stable for an 83" length.

This picture here, is of curtains I made for the other window.  I found the fabric at Hancock's and bought every last inch and used every bit of it.  I even had to use a remnant that had a flaw, but is disguised in the gathers.

This is also a PVC rod cut to length.  The ends have caps on them so the ribbon will stay on.  She hung them with yellow gross grain ribbon on each end and in middle of command hooks that stuck above frame of window.  Dorms do not want you to leave anything permanent and we were looking for cheapest way to make something for one year.

Compared to the quilt in previous post, this was a no brainer.  I whipped it out on a last minute thought in one afternoon.
I'm sure glad that quilt is a done and gone!


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