Sunday, September 22, 2013

Halloween Dress

This weekend I had surprise company so had to whip up something really quick.  My Stepson and his family came to visit.  My granddaughter had to have a dress!

This pattern is from Whimsey Couture and it is her Peasant Dress pattern.  It went together really fast for me.

I have to admit, my model granddaughter did not like the idea of having her picture taken this morning.  I am prejudice and think she is just beautiful happy or not!

My granddaughter doesn't like the way shirring elastic feels.  This is the second outfit I have made her with shirring elastic.  Is it just her or do others find this common? 

I love using it because it is so simple and sweet.  But, for this child I am going to have to start using 1/4 inch elastic.



  1. She's precious, that little dress too! Swoon! Awww!!!

    1. It was a very easy dress to make. Thank you for your comment. Whimsey Couture patterns are really straight forward. I have only made this one, but have patterns for several more. I plan to make more outfits for my granddaughter as she gets a little older. They live 4 hours away.


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